Interested in improving heating efficiency without ceiling fans or an expensive remodel?  Hot-Tubes are the immediate heating efficiency solution for many older buildings, or spaces where installing a ceiling fan isn't practical.  In most cases, our stock sizes up to 25 feet in length are perfect, and installation takes only a few minutes - without any tools.  Shown below; the Bath Freight Shed Market along the Kennebec River in Bath Maine.  Installation of 12 Hot-Tubes for heat distribution to help keep the vendors warm, and provide additional accent lighting.



Need something special?  Hot-Tubes are available in custom lengths up to 25 feet for vertical installations, and up to 200 feet and diameters up to 19 inches for horizontal duct installations.  All our vertical tubes feature whisper quiet high CFM fans with infinitely variable speed controls.  Stand alone temperature control switches are available upon request.  Compared to standard fabric and polyethlene tubing, Hot-Tubes are far lighter, last longer, and if needed can be repaired in seconds with self-adhesive patches.

HVAC vendors and technicians working with heat pumps or high heat sources such as gas, wood, or pellet stoves, or forced hot air, can maximize the effectiveness of their systems while overcoming problems associated with poor heat distribution.

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Winter Greenhouse by Steve P. (CC 2.0)