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BR, Colorado USA

What a great product!  We live off-grid at 10,000 feet in the Rockies so power consumption is a big deal for us as we try to warm our one-story home.  Our fireplace is at one end of our building, and our teenagers' rooms are at the other, about 60 feet away.  We placed our Hot-Tube by their rooms in the hopes we'd have an inexpensive, low-wattage way to pull warm air across and down from our 10-foot ceilings.  It worked!  Ambient air temperature is about 10 degrees warmer than at that end now, and my oldest stopped coming out of her room wrapped in a blanket!  Excellent product!  (December 2017)



MK, Portland, ME  USA

Thank you for your wonderful Hot-Tube.  It allows me to heat my open-plan apartment with only one heat source, a Rennai in the corner of the living room.  The tube directs the warm air directly into the bedroom.  It is efficient, virtually silent, and easy to put away for the summer.  It is also elegant, and its simple lines fit right in with the architecture.

I got my first Hot-Tube at the original Kickstarter campaign in 2014.  You have now perfected it.  I have yet to get one that lights up, those look awesome.  (January 2017). 

Hot-Tube photo by MK, Portland, ME

Hot-Tube photo by MK, Portland, ME


C. MacPhee, East Providence, RI  USA

I have my massage therapy office in a converted mill building with 10.6' ceilings and huge windows. Needless to say, it's beautiful but a bit chilly. However, when I climbed a step ladder to access storage space near the ceiling, I realized how hot it was up there, while I had been shivering just a few feet below. Using a room thermometer confirmed it - 68 degrees at ground level (matched the thermostat) and 78 degrees near the ceiling! I am so happy I happened across Tube Works fans. Set up was incredibly simple. After 10 minutes of running the fan for the first time, I got back up on my ladder with my thermometer and the temp was the same at both levels! I have yet to get my next heating bill but I'm absolutely positive it will be less than the previous month. Also, I was looking for something that was quiet. I don't even hear this running at all and, visually, it's very inconspicuous. I'm very pleased with my purchase and recommend them to everyone I know who has tall ceilings.  (January 2017).

Hot-Tube photo by  C. MacPhee

Hot-Tube photo by C. MacPhee

Ron S., Eugene, OR  USA

It works great...I have a large open room with a wood stove and high ceilings.  I could feel all of that warm air just hanging out up there doing me no good at all.  What a great idea to use a tube and fan to get that warm air back into the living area!  I love the LED which illuminates the tube with a beautiful, colorful, diffused light (January 2017)

Hot-Tube photo by Ron S.

Hot-Tube photo by Ron S.

Carol and Adrian B, Occitanie, France

We have a fairly large house in the south of France, which is divided into 2 apartments.  Each apartment has a log-burner for the cold weather (yes it can get chilly here in winter!) and the ceilings in the apartments are very high (just over 11 feet in the ground floor apartment and almost 10 feet in the one on the upper floor.  We have now had the opportunity to test the hot-tubes in both apartments and they are fabulous.  They work especially well in conjunction with the log burners, but also with the reversible air conditioning, which provides a gentler warmth on those days when the log burners are not required.  We have a couple of digital thermometers in each apartment, and the temperature difference can be 3 or 4 degrees warmer at seating level with the hot-tubes pumping the warm air down off the ceilings.  We have the versions with the LED lighting fitted, and they provide a very eye-catching focus against the white walls here.  Even the texture of the tube matches well with our slightly rough-textured walls.  We are delighted.  (January 2017)

Hot-Tube photo by Carol & Adrian B

Hot-Tube photo by Carol & Adrian B


Caitlin H, Fairbanks, AK  USA

...It was -40 degrees Fahrenheit (and colder at night) last week - so glad I have this awesome piece of equipment to help make my cabin more comfortable!  ...it really does help keep me from burning upstairs and freezing downstairs...  (January 2017)

Hot-Tube photo by Caitlin H.

Hot-Tube photo by Caitlin H.

M. Kaplanis, Grand Portage, MN  USA

Thank you so much, we recently had our local gas company install gas to our home.  With that we purchased a Regency gas stove to heat the house instead of the expensive electric baseboard heaters that was the primary source of heat. The way our house is designed, the gas stove is in the family room and heats up that room and the kitchen/dining areas with ease.  We wanted to find a way to efficiently take the heat from the family room down the hallway and in the bathroom & bedroom areas.  Doing some light research I came across the Tube-Works product.  We ordered one and it has done exactly what it said it would do.  We are very pleased with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone needing this type of heat recirculation to help make your home more efficient.  The LED option is awesome.  Fast delivery, great service.  (January 2017)

Hot-Tube photo by  M. Kaplanis

Hot-Tube photo by M. Kaplanis

Richard C., Courtenay, BC Canada

Our Hot-Tube purchase two years ago has really improved the comfort of our home during the winter heating season. We have electric baseboard heaters and a very efficient radiant natural gas fireplace but the heat was not mixing well (very warm close to the ceiling and cold close to the floor) Since installing the Hot-Tube we have much better mixing of heated air and efficiency. The bonus is we really like the LED lighting (friends also like it) and it's extremely quiet operation. We just turn it on and forget it. Happy!  (January 2017)

Hot-Tube photo by  R. Crapp

Hot-Tube photo by R. Crapp

Alfred Zamm, CA USA

I purchased four of these devices and found them to work as stated-clever, exceeded my expectations.
Alfred V. Zamm M.D.
Author of: Why Your House May Endanger Your Health
Simon and Schuster, Publishers


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