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Browse  Our Lighting Art Book of possible shades, featuring must have works from select contemporary and historic artists in a wide variety of styles, including Abstract, Impressionism, wild life and botany illustrations from the likes of James Audubon and Curtis Magazine, and classic Woodcuts from Maine and as far back as 1700's Japan.  There are stunning images from the Hubble Space Telescope, and an amazing collection that includes 10's of thousands of original, vintage hand colored proofs of tourist postcards from ~ 1920 through the 1950's.  These are just incredible and cover everything;  Lighthouses, Diners, Trains, Casinos, Amusement parks, and much more.  We have far too many to post so ask us about your interest or town and we'll show you some examples!  Have your own favorite artist or your own art or photographs?  Let us make your private line!